Tagging Hands

PokerTracker 4 version 4.0.x
October 8, 2019
  • Overview

    PokerTracker 4 allows you to tag hands in your database, on the tables, pull up tagged hands, and also customize your own tags.  Tagging hands is useful for quick retrieval of certain hand types and allows for easier review and analysis.  

  • Tagging Hands
    • From the HUD

      To tag hands from your HUD, left-click the tag icon and scroll down to the hand you wish to tag.  You may also tag the hand in progress by choosing Tag Hand In Progress.  Tagging hands in-game allows you to revisit the hand after the session is complete, and also create notes on the hand at that time.  This minimizes any in-game distractions to improve your playing experience.  Once tagged, these hands can be retrieved in your database by sorting for the selected tag.

      Tagging Poker Hands PT4

    • From the Database

      To tag a hand in your database, simply right-click the hand you wish to tag, scroll down to Tag Selected Hand and make your selection.  You may also tag multiple hands at the same time by shift/control-clicking the hands, scrolling down to Tag Selected Hands, and making your selection.  

      Mark A PT4 Hand History

  • Sorting Tagged Hands

    It is very easy to review tagged hands in PokerTracker 4.  One option is checking Show Marked Hands Only, which only shows hands that have a tag or note.  Another option is to sort just by a specific tag.  To do this, select the tag(s) from the drop-down menu.  Once you are done reviewing your hands, simply deselect the tag(s) from the drop-down menu and Refresh the report.

    Showing Marked Hands PT4

  • Customizing Tags

    Some users may want to create and customize tags.  To do this, click on Configure from the main menu, and then Tags.

    Customize PT4 Tags

    The Tag Edit window allows you to add, delete, and edit tags.  To add a new tag, click Add, select your tag icon from th drop-down menu, and add a short description of the tag.  Once you are finished, click OK to save your settings.

    Editing Poker Tracker 4 Tags

    You may also delete an existing tag by selecting it and pushing Delete.  Editing an exisiting tag will allow you to change the icon and also the tag description.  Once you have made all of your changes, click Close and your customized tags will be available in the HUD, in your database, and available for sorting through hand histories.