Configure Reporting Options

PokerTracker 4 version 4.0.x
October 8, 2019

Table of Contents

PokerTracker 4
  • Overview

    PokerTracker 4 allows you to customize your reports beyond statistics.  This guide will review how to configure reporting options for further customization.

  • Reporting Options

    To configure the reporting options, click on Configure from the main menu and select Reporting Options.

    PT4 Report Options

    This brings up the Reporting Options window.  Let's review what each section does:

    Change PT4 colors

    My Day Starts At:  This tells PokerTracker 4 when your day starts so it can appropriately track your day by day play.  If you choose 12 Midnight but routinely play sessions from 11 PM - 1 AM, PokerTracker will report your sessions incorrectly.  For that example you might want to tell PT4 that your day starts at 5 AM to ensure all your 11 PM - 1 AM sessions are counted on the same day.  All date related filters, including the Today and Yesterday simple filters will adjust accordingly to the time defined in the My Day Starts At reporting option. 

    No Opportunity Statistic Text:  Choose what PT4 reports will show for stats that don't have an opportunity.  For instance, if you have a report that shows Cbet Turn and a player never had a chance to do that, PT4 will show whatever text/symbol you choose here.  You can also change its color by clicking the color swatch to the right.

    Positive/Negative Colors:  Here you can change the colors of the positive and negative texts and rows.  Just click the appropriate color swatch and make your changes.

    Row Highlight Color:  Here you can change the color of the selected row(s).  Just click the color swatch and make your changes.

    Reset To Defaults:  Clicking this will reset everything back to the default times/colors.

    Click OK to save all of your changes.