Adjusting Stakes in your Database

PokerTracker 4 version 4.0.x
October 8, 2019
PokerTracker 4
  • Overview

    Every cash table session in PokerTracker 4 is defined as a specific limit, which is detected automatically from the hand history files as the hands are imported.

    Limits look like "$2/$4" for a full ring fixed limit table with $2 small bet and $4 big bet ($1 and $2 blinds), or "$1 NL (6max)" for a 6 seat NL table with a $1 big blind. Information about antes and other tags such as "Cap" or "Rush" are included where appropriate too.

    However, not all sites include all of the required information in the hand histories. In particular a lot of sites do not specify the maximum size of the table, only the number of active players. This can lead to sessions being classified incorrectly.

  • Adjusting Stakes Basics

    If you enable the 'Adjust Stakes' option (see the Tutorial: Auto Import) then PokerTracker 4 will infer the size of the table from the number of active players for these sites, but if you are playing at a full ring table with only 6 active players the session will be classed as 6-max. Conversely if you do not have 'Adjust Stakes' enabled then a 6-max table may be classed as full ring.

    Occasionally a site will update their software and change the format of their hand histories and this can sometimes lead to sessions being classified incorrectly too.

    If you have any sessions which are imported with the wrong stake you can correct this using the Adjust Stakes window.

    If you think the hand history has enough information but the stake is incorrect in your database please send us the hand history file via the Support system.

    To open the 'Adjust Stakes' window select Database > Adjust Stakes from the PokerTracker 4 menu

    Adjusting Stakes In PokerTracker 4

    • Using the Adjust Stakes Window

      This is the Adjust Stakes window.  To use it, select the session(s) you wish to adjust.  Once your selections are highlighted, either choose an exisiting stake from the drop down on the right, or create a custom stake.  Once everything is correct, click Change Stake to update the cache and implement your changes. See below for more detail.

      Adjust Stakes Window PT4

      1. Select your game type, either Holdem or Omaha, in the lower left corner.
      2. Select a player in the Active Player section below by typing the name in search box and clicking OK (or by scrolling through the list of players). Usually you will select your own screenname here, but if it is an observed session then select one of the active players.
      3. You will then see a list of sessions played by that player in the Sessions section in the middle.
        Select the session or sessions that you want to update by clicking on it/them.
        You can shift-click or control-click to select multiple sessions.
        If you select multiple sessions then they will all have the same stake name applied.
      4. Finally use the Stake section on the right to define the new stake information.
        If you want to change to a stake name which is already in your database then you can select it from the "Existing" dropdown list.
        Alternatively you can create the stake name from any combination of Currency, Structure, Blinds, Modifiers, Seats and Antes using the options in the Custom section.
        However you choose to define the new stake the changes will be shown in the Preview section at the bottom.
        If even the custom options do not allow you to select the exact stake name you want to see (such as if a site has added a new table type which PokerTracker 4 doesn't initially recognize, or if you want to label the sessions as "deep", for instance) then you can type into the Preview field to define your own stake names.
      5. When you are happy with the stake name shown in the Preview field click Change Stake to make the change to the selected session(s).