Moving Processed Files: Unable To Get Hands While Playing

PokerTracker 4 version 4.0.x
October 25, 2013
  • Overview

    Every time you start the Auto Import process in PokerTracker 4 all of the hand history files which are in the hand history folders are read.  If there are any files there which have previously been imported, PT4 will re-read them but the hands will be recognized as duplicates and will not be imported again.  


    If you see this error message:

    Error Message

    Please go to Tools > Setup Assistant and run through the Site Configuration process which will import your existing hand histories and move them to the Processed folder.

    You should then review the rest of this guide to avoid seeing this message again in the future.

  • Managing Duplicates
    • Moving Processed Files

      If you allow a lot of old hand history files to build up then the process of reading and checking the old files can take quite a long time and cause delays in starting to import any new hands that you are currently playing, and therefore delay the appearance and updates of the HUD.

      Note: If you are playing at a site on the MicroGaming network then the rest of this tutorial does not apply to you.  MicroGaming writes hand histories to a database file which suffers from the same problem, but the solution is different.  Please read the "Configuring the MicroGaming Network" section of the MicroGaming Configuration Guide for what you need to do instead.

      To avoid this situation you should leave the Move Processed Files To option in PokerTracker 4 enabled.  To access this option go to Configure > Sites & Import Options and click the Preferences tab.

      This means that when an Auto Import is stopped PT4 will move any files that it has read ("processed") to the configured folder.  By default this 'processed' folder is 


      C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\PokerTracker 4\Processed.

      Processed Files In PT4

      Mac OS X:


      Processed Files

      You can change which folder the files are moved to but it is very important that the 'processed' folder is completely separate from any folders which you auto import from.
      If you configure PokerTracker 4 to move files to a folder where they are imported from (including subfolders) then the files will be continually re-read and moved back to the same place and read again.

      • Do NOT configure 'move processed files to' to move the files to a subfolder of your hand history folder!
      • Do NOT configure Auto Import to import from the 'processed' folder!

      Note: Some poker sites lock the hand history files while the table windows are open and this means they can't be moved so you may need to close all the tables before stopping auto import to allow the files to be moved.

    • If You Have a Lot of Duplicates

      If you get a lot of Duplicates reported every time you start Auto Import then you probably have some old hand history files in your hand history folder.

      The first thing to do is to make sure that you have the 'import' folders and 'processed' folder configured correctly as described above.

      Tip! If you need help configuring PokerTracker 4 to import from your poker site then please see the site-specific configuration guides.

      To import and then clear the old hand history files, please follow these steps:

      1. Make sure that the Move Processed Files To option is enabled and configured to store in an acceptable folder, as described above.
      2. Close all of your poker site applications, and restart PokerTracker 4. 
      3. Click Tools > Setup Assistant, and select Configure Sites. Complete the new user setup wizard by selecting which sites you play at, and also assuring that the hand history folder is correctly entered for each poker site.
        Setup Assistant
      4. When you reach the Import Options page at the end of the Configure Sites wizard, make sure the switches are set to YES.  Click OK to start importing any hands that may remain in the Hand History folders.  When this is complete, the hands will be moved to the Hand History Processed Files folder.

      Setup Assistant Import Files

      Next time you start Auto Import you should not see any duplicates reported, and your HUD performance will be greatly improved.