PokerTracker 4 Quick Start Guide

PokerTracker 4 version 4.0.x
November 8, 2017
  • Overview

    Online poker sites write hand histories to your computer detailing every action in the hand. PokerTracker 4 parses these hand histories and stores statistics and other hand information into a PostgreSQL database for later review.

    This guide is intended to help you quickly and easily install, setup, and configure PokerTracker 4 and PostgreSQL. This guide will also provide you with some of the basic tools so that you can begin using PokerTracker to import hand histories, review imported hands, and view the head-up display (HUD) which displays statistics directly on top of the poker tables that you are playing on.

    Please note that this guide and all of the accompanying guides are applicable for PokerTracker 4 for Microsoft Windows, as well as PokerTracker 4 for Apple's OS X operating system for the Mac. 

  • Installation

    To Install PokerTracker 4:

    • Download the latest PokerTracker 4 version from the PokerTracker website.
    • Once the download has completed, run the PT-Install.exe file that was saved to your computer.  If you are upgrading from a previous version of PokerTracker 4 then PokerTracker and all of your poker sites must be closed prior to running the installer.
    • Read the license agreement. If you agree, click the I Agree button to continue.
    • Choose the location where you would like to install PokerTracker onto your computer then click Install. We recommend installing to the default location chosen by the installer.
    • PokerTracker 4 has been successfully installed onto your computer! Click Close to exit the installation.  If the installation process does not complete, please contact PokerTracker support. 

    If this is the first time that you are installing PokerTracker 4 onto your computer then please proceed to Installing the PostgreSQL Database Server section in this guide. If PostgreSQL is already installed on your computer then you can skip ahead to Configuring PostgreSQL in PokerTracker 4.

    • Installing the PostgreSQL Database Server

      PokerTracker 4 stores imported hand histories and statistics into a database called PostgreSQL which must be installed on your computer for PokerTracker 4 to run. PostgreSQL is an open source database server. If you are interested in learning more about PostgreSQL, please visit their website at

      When you run PokerTracker for the first time, if PostgreSQL is not installed on your computer, you will be prompted to install the PostgreSQL database server onto your computer. Click Yes to continue. The next step is to configure PostgreSQL settings.

      Installing Poker Tracker 4 PostgreSQL

      • Default PostgreSQL Settings

        We highly recommend using the default settings unless you are advanced and know exactly what you are doing. The default values are:

        Server: localhost
        Port: 5432
        Service User: postgres
        Service User Password: svcPASS83
        Database User: postgres
        Database User Password: dbpass

        Windows Configure PostgreSQL Installation

        PostgreSQL Default Settings


        Mac OS X Configure PostgreSQL Installation

        Configure PostgreSQL

        IMPORTANT: If you change the default passwords, write them down and remember them. PokerTracker support cannot recover your PostgreSQL passwords therefore we recommend using the default passwords provided.

        To install PostgreSQL click Install and PokerTracker will proceed to install PostgreSQL on your computer.

    • Configuring PostgreSQL in PokerTracker 4

      Once PostgreSQL is installed on your computer, you will be prompted to enter the PostgreSQL server information so that PokerTracker can connect to the database. If PokerTracker 4 installed PostgreSQL for you then the default settings will be pre-populated. Click Connect and PokerTracker will connect to the database server. If this is your first database then please proceed to Creating Your First Database. If you previously created a database then skip ahead to Connecting to an Existing Database.

    • Creating Your First PokerTracker 4 Database

      Once PokerTracker 4 is connected to the PostgreSQL database server, you will be prompted to create your first PokerTracker 4 database. In the Name field, enter the name that you would like to refer to the database as (or you can leave the default name provided). PokerTracker 4 will provide the default database settings for you. If you changed the default settings during PostgreSQL installation then you should enter them here. Click the Create button and PokerTracker 4 will create your first database. Please skip ahead to The Setup Assistant section of this guide.

      Setting Up Poker Tracker 4

    • Connecting to an Existing Database

      If you have an existing PokerTracker 4 database on your computer then you will need to connect to it. Click the Browse Databases link. Every existing PokerTracker 4 database on your computer will be listed. Select the database that you would like to connect to and click OK. (If no databases are listed then there are no existing PokerTracker 4 databases on your computer and you should go back to the Creating Your First Database section of this guide)

      This database already exists option should be checked if connecting to an existing database.

      Using Existing Poker Tracker 4 Database

  • Setup Assistant

    The Setup Assistant was designed to help you quickly and easily configure PokerTracker 4 with the poker site(s) that you play on.

    Poker Tracker 4 Setup Assistant

    The Setup Assistant consists of four parts which we will go through one by one below. The Setup Assistant can be utilized at three different points in time:

    • To quickly and easily setup PokerTracker 4 the first time that you run the program
    • To configure new sites/themes/databases later on after you have already been using PokerTracker 4
    • To convert Holdem Manager and PokerTracker 3 databases

    If this is the first time that you are running PokerTracker 4 then the Setup Assistant will launch immediately. You can run the Setup Assistant at any time by clicking Tools from the main menu and then Setup Assistant.

    • Configuring Your Currency

      The first step of the Setup Assistant is to configure your currency.  PokerTracker 4 automatically converts various currencies into a single currency to make your results easier to understand.  From the dropdown menu select the currency you wish to use.  Once you've made your selection, click Next to continue with the Setup Assistant.  If you wish to skip this step, click Skip Currency Conversion.

      Poker Tracker 4 Currency

    • Configuring Your Poker Sites

      The next step of the Setup Assistant will help you configure the sites you play on with PokerTracker 4.  Toggle the option to YES for each poker site that you play on and then click Next.  If you wish to skip this step, click Skip Configure Sites.

      Starting PokerTracker4

      You will need to configure each poker site that you play on.  This configuration is key for proper HUD and import performance.  If you need assistance for any site, choose your site(s) from the PokerTracker 4 Poker Site Configuration Guide.  Once you have finished configuring each site you can import any existing hand histories.

      Initial Import Poker Tracker 4

      PokerTracker 4 will attempt to import any existing hands in your site's hand history folder.  From the dropdown menu, choose the database that you wish to import these hands into.  It is also recommended that you select YES for both "Import Existing Hand Histories" and "Move Files After Import".  Click Next to continue with the Setup Assistant. 

    • Configuring Themes

      The next step allows you to configure various themes for PokerTracker 4.  These deck and replayer themes were created to allow for a customized experience.  Preview the themes by clicking the themes along the left and click Make Active once you've made your selection.  If you want more themes just click Download New Themes and import any downloaded themes using the Import New Theme option.  Once you've made your selection click Next to continue with the Setup Assistant.   If you wish to skip this step, click Skip Configure Themes.

      PokerTracker 4 Themes

      If you are interested in creating a custom theme, click here.

    • Finishing Your Configuration

      Congratulations, you're finished!  Simply push Finish for PokerTracker 4 to implement all of your options and/or import any hand histories you selected.  This process may take some time depending on your system and selections, so please be patient and let PokerTracker 4 finish for optimal results.  If you wish to go back and make any changes just click Previous.

      Completing PokerTracker 4 Configuration

  • Begin Using PokerTracker 4

    Once PokerTracker 4 is configured with PostgreSQL and each poker site that you play on, you are ready to begin the fun part - using the program!  This section will discuss the basics of using PokerTracker 4, including importing hand histories and reviewing poker stats.

    • Importing Hand Histories

      Each time that you begin playing poker, start PokerTracker 4 and navigate to the Play Poker page.  From here you have three import options:

      Auto Import Hands Poker Tracker 4

      • Get Hands While Playing: This import option allows you to import hand histories and initiate the HUD as you are playing in real-time.  
      • Get Hands From Disk:  This allows you to manually import hands from your hard disk.  You can import individual files or entire folders of hand histories.
      • Get Hands From Email:  This is a special-use feature for select poker rooms (e.g. Party Poker's tournament summaries sent via email)

      You can also access any of these import options by clicking the icon in the bottom right hand corner of PokerTracker 4 and making your selection.

      Getting Hands Into Poker Tracker 4

      To begin importing hands in real-time, simply click Get Hands While Playing and PokerTracker 4 will automatically start importing hands.  Once importing, you should see information populating below.  There are three different view options:

      Viewing Poker Tracker 4 Hands

      • View Today's Hands:  This allows you to view every hand that you've imported today.
      • View Active Tables:  This allows you to see each table you are currently playing on.  
      • View Import Status:  The import status tells you everything about your current import, including any errors.

      You can further filter the population in the window below by ticking "Show Marked Hands Only", showing specifically tagged hands, showing x number of hands, and even showing cash game versus tournament hands.  Below is an example of a real-time import using Get Hands While Playing and the View Today's Hands view:

      Importing Zoom Hands Poker Tracker 4

      Once you are done playing, click the Stop Getting Hands button.  You can also stop importing by clicking the bottom right corner of PokerTracker 4 and clicking Stop Getting Hands.

      Stop Poker Tracker 4 Import

    • Starting the HUD

      The heads-up display (HUD) is automatically started when you push Get Hands While Playing.  Importing by any other method will not initiate the HUD, as Get Hands While Playing is the only import option for real-time play.  Once initiated, your HUD should appear on your table after playing a hand or two (if not sooner).  This is an example of the default HUD being displayed correctly:

      Poker Tracker 4 Default HUD

      You will see two little buttons on the top of each table when the HUD is initiated. Clicking the tag button on the left allows you to quickly pull up hand histories and mark them for review.  

      PT4 Marking Hands

      Clicking the PokerTracker 4 chip on the right will allow you to pull up a wide variety of options.  From here you can unlock the HUD (so that you can move a player's stats to a new location), change how stats are displayed, which HUD profile is used, etc.  

      PokerTracker 4 HUD Options

      Once you stop importing hands, the HUD will stop displaying on your tables.  To personalize your HUD options, read our tutorial on HUD configuration.

    • Changing the Active Player

      In PokerTracker 4 you can easily change the active player.  The active player is the player used in reports, graphs, etc.  This makes results and statistical review simple as the active player will be the same on any and all tabs.  To change the active player you can simply right-click any area where information is populated and choose Change Active Player.  Here are a couple of examples:

      Active Player Poker Tracker 4

      switching the active player pt4

      You can also manually change the active player from any View Stats tab.  Simply click the Player drop-down menu along the left side and choose the appropriate player.  If necessary, you can search for a username by clicking Choose New Player from the drop-down menu.  Once changed the active player will be the same on each View Stats tab.

      Finding User Names PT4

      If you play on multiple sites you may want to create an alias.  This will allow you to merge all of your usernames, stats, results, etc. into a single name.  Players interested in this should read the configuring a PokerTracker 4 alias tutorial.

    • Reviewing Statistics and Hands

      After hand histories have been imported into PokerTracker 4, you can view your and your opponents' stats.  Simply click View Stats and choose either cash games ($) or tournaments (T).  From there, you have five different tabs: Results, Statistics, LeakTracker, My Reports, and Graphs.

      View PT4 Stats

      Each tab offers various ways to explore results, hands, leaks, and analyze facets of your game.  You may also use different filters to further drill-down in each tab.  Along the left side of each tab you will see various filters and drop-down menus so you can customize your analysis as much as possible.

      Customizing PT4 Filters

      Along with filters, you can also customize the statistical report on each tab.  Simply right-click any area where information is populated and click Configure Report to add, delete, and modify the stats shown on that report.  

      Configure PokerTracker 4 Reports

      Whenever you make a change (configuring a report, modifying a filter, changing the active player, etc.) make sure to refresh the report.  You can do this by clicking Refresh in the upper right hand corner.

      Refreshing a PT4 Report

      PokerTracker 4 offers an enormous number of ways to graph data, find leaks, track results, analyze hands, etc.  Explore each tab and report to see everything that PT4 offers, and customize your experience along the way by configuring reports and changing filters.  If you ever need clarification on what a report does, click the little TV icon and watch a short video explaining how to use the specific report.  

      PokerTracker 4 Info Videos

    • Learn the meaning of each Stat in PokerTracker 4

      The definition for each of PokerTracker 4's stats is available at your fingertips.

      Open the Statistics Window by clicking Configure > Statistics

      1. Choose from Cash Games or Tournaments
      2. There are two types of stats categories to chose from
        1. Player Stats record data about the actions that a player takes.  Nearly all stats used in the HUD or result reports are Player Stats.
        2. Hand Stats record data about a specific hand, these stats are mostly used in Hand Reports. 
      3. In the search field type in any keyword that would help you find the stat you are looking for. 

      Stat Definition Window


      For example, if you want to learn what Float means type "Float" into the Search box, and a long list of stats will be displayed that contain the word Float.  To further isolate the list we will add "F" so we only display the stats where Floating has occurred on the Flop.   Select Float Flop from the Stat Name column on the left hand side of the window, the definition and the formula used to create the stat is listed in the Details Page under Detailed Description.

      Stat Definition Window


    • Using LeakTracker to Learn About Optimal Stat Ranges

      PokerTracker has a built in educational tool that compares each of your key statistics against a very large sample of winning players, this tool is designed to help our users learn how to gage what optimal play will look like for the most critical stats available in PT4. 


      To use LeakTracker: 

      1. Click the LeakTracker button, then select the Leaks Analysis report in the left hand frame.
      2. Choose the Game, Stakes, Table Size, and Bet Type you wish to review. Click Run
      3. LeakTracker will compare your stats (or the stats of the chosen Active Player) against a massive database of winning players stats, your results will be presented by the black line in each stat's horizontal graph. You can compare your results in LeakTracker by each position, or the overall results of each stat.

      The colors within each horizontal graph stand for the three possible Determinations:

      • Green = Good
      • Light Gray = Needs Improvement
      • Dark Gray = Potential Problem



      Click on the name of any stat you wish to review, a guide to that stat will appear on the right hand frame. The definition for the stat will appear, along with the formula used to create the stat.  A determination will allow be show which explains if the value of the stat falls within the range of values considered normal for solid winning players, or if the results are outside of this range. 

      Tutorial Video


      Each stat reviewed by LeakTracker has a matching brief Tutorial Video, this video is design to help our users learn how the stat correlates with each other critical stat, and shows the optimal ranges commonly found within the sample of winning players used within LeakTracker.  Click Watch the Video on This Stat to review the tutorial.

      LeakTracker Tutorial Videos


      Note: Adobe Flash must be installed to view the video in the Windows OS, please review the Video Tutorial guide for information how to install Adobe Flash if necessary. 




    • PokerTracker 4 Tutorial Videos

      There are over 3.5 hours of tutorial videos available to be watched within PokerTracker 4, each video is 3 to 5 minutes in length, and is designed to educate our users on a specific topic. 

      To watch a PokerTracker 4 Tutorial Video

      1. Chose the topic you wish to review by viewing that report or window in PokerTracker 4. 
      2. Click the green Video Button button to open the Tutorial Video for this topic. 

      Tutorial Video Link


      Note: Adobe Flash must be installed to view the video in the Windows OS, please review the Video Tutorial guide for information how to install Adobe Flash if necessary. 

      Overview Report Tutorial Video


      You can review all of the built in PokerTracker 4 tutorial videos in one location on the PokerTracker 4 website by clicking the PT4 Videos link at the bottom of any page on our website, in the footer of the page.