Stat Error ?

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Stat Error ?

Postby Tinman9956 » Wed Oct 25, 2023 5:18 pm

Reviewing some hands and came across this stat, as you can see is 67/3 is this an error. If it is can I fix it or is it something that needs to be done by Notecaddy. Thanks
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Re: Stat Error ?

Postby nokaspokas » Tue Oct 31, 2023 6:32 pm


This happens because the W$SD definition stats use an expression to produce the result.

In the case of the definition you pointed it uses the following expression: (NC."HM.BetRiverOOPWon" * 100) / NC."HM.BetRiverOOP"

If you search for the W$SD definitions and edit them you will quickly understand the difference between these definitions and why it produces that result. It is not an error, just a different way to calculate the statistic.

Hope this clears you doubts.

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