Hide HUD on certain games

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Hide HUD on certain games

Postby seisbye » Sun Dec 10, 2023 10:01 am

I'm playing at Pokerstars. and i would like to use HUD on all the serious games like tourneys and normal cashgames.

But it makes no sense for it to be there on kicks off and Zoom cash games. it there a way for it to automaticly hide on certain games? without me having to hide it on those tables manually?
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Re: Hide HUD on certain games

Postby WhiteRider » Sun Dec 10, 2023 12:11 pm

You can't automatically prevent the Hud appearing on certain tables, but you could make a new Hud Profile with no stat and configure that to be used on the table types where you don't want to see the Hud.

Check out the Advanced Hud Guide for how to make a new profile. Simply create a new profile and give it a name, but do not add any groups or stats to it.

You can then configure which table types will use the new profile as described here: Profile Select.
Alternatively, select the new profile when playing at one of those tables using the PT-icon menu on the table, and then select the 'set current profile as default for table type' option.

Just as an aside - the Hud will work fine at Zoom tables, and will show you all previous hands that you have seen your opponents play. It will take a while to build up a decent sample on anyone since you play different players each hand, but they get there.
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