Fold to 3B AFTER PFR by position line

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Fold to 3B AFTER PFR by position line

Postby PT4 SUCKS » Mon Apr 15, 2024 8:58 pm

Hey! I'm trying to create 2 custom stats but I can't find the original line to edit

for examle I know the syntax for FOLD TO 3B AFTER PFR is the following: (cnt_p_3bet_def_action_fold_when_open_raised / cnt_p_3bet_def_opp_when_open_raised) * 100
There are options in the HUD to show this stat from different positions.

The thing is MP and HJ aren't listed and I want to make that stat I tried with (cnt_p_3bet_def_action_fold_when_open_raised_in_pos4 / cnt_p_3bet_def_opp_when_open_raised_in_pos4) * 100 for MP but it didn't pass the validation

any help?
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Re: Fold to 3B AFTER PFR by position line

Postby Flag_Hippo » Tue Apr 16, 2024 6:20 am

You need to start working with columns and column expressions which are then used to create custom statistics - see this guide for the basics on custom statistics creation and this tutorial for a deeper walkthrough. While the latter was written for PokerTracker 3 and the user interface is different the techniques still apply to PokerTracker 4. If you are always playing 6max then the hijack position would be MP in the HUD Profile Editor but if you are playing a variety of table sizes then you can specify the hijack with:

Code: Select all
cash_hand_player_statistics.position = 2

This post in the tutorial has an example of editing columns with position information. For MP in PokerTracker 4 then what constitutes MP varies depending on the number of players dealt into a hand - see this guide.
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