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New Release: 4.15.21

Postby APerfect10 » Tue May 12, 2020 3:28 pm

PokerTracker 4.15.21 Release Notes - May 12, 2020

  • Ignition: Added full Ignition tournament support. Includes HUD, real-time hand import and importing of downloaded tournament hands.*
  • 888: Added support for

  • HUD Settings: Capped Last X weeks value at 520.

  • 888: Fixed crash when adjusting stakes when the stake was formatted with a dot (.) as thousands separators and commas (,) as the decimal separator.
  • iPoker: Import: Fixed regression where some iPoker raises were incorrectly marked as all-in.
  • iPoker: Tournament Detection: Improved detection of buy-in and fee for Twister tournaments.
  • partypoker: replayer: Fixed showdown cards not displaying during Run It Twice hands in the replayer and hand viewer.
  • partypoker: Tournament Detection: Improved rake detection for Jackpot tables
  • PokerStars: Import: Fixed incorrect buy-in for Total KO bounty tournaments.
  • PokerStars: Import: Fixed Spin&Go Max tournament incorrectly importing as a bounty tournament.
  • PokerStars: Zoom: Added support for 'PokerStars School' freerolls.
  • PPPoker: Import: Fixed PPPoker hand being incorrectly imported as another site's hand which resulted in the replayer crashing.
  • Currency Conversion: Increased precision of exchange rates for currencies with a large rates such as IDR.
  • Video: Fixed encoding issues when exporting a hand to video for sharing on YouTube.

* Real-time hand history support with a HUD requires the use of Ignition Hand Grabber
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New Release: 4.15.22

Postby APerfect10 » Wed Jun 17, 2020 5:32 pm

PokerTracker 4.15.22 Release Notes - June 17, 2020

  • 888: Import: Added support for "Fast Blast" tournaments
  • GGPoker: Import: Added support for straddles
  • WPN: Import: Added support for new "Bomb Pots"
  • Tournament Flag: Added 'TIMEDALLIN' for PokerStars Spin & Go Max and 888 Fast Blast tournaments

  • 9Stacks: HUD: Fixed 'Stats From Current Cash Stake Only' not working with 9Stacks hands
  • GGPoker: Import: Fixed invalid date import errors for some tournaments
  • Ignition: Import: Fixed incorrect player names being generated after an elimination
  • partypoker: Import: Fixed regression where "is sitting out" was incorrectly added to player seating lines
  • partypoker: Import: Fixed anonymous players not being flagged as anonymous resulting in large player lists
  • PokerStars: Import: Fixed hand history folder detection that was failing due to differing encodings
  • PokerStars: Import: Fixed incorrect finish position in PokerStars Shootout when finishing second in match 1
  • PokerStars: Import: Fixed rebuy cost and number of addons for certain PokerStars re-entry bounty tournaments
  • Run It Once Poker: Import: Fixed an issue where a hand after an invalid hand was failing to import
  • Winamax: Import: Improved anonymous player sessions so that when a player leaves and a new player joins, a new player/session is created
  • WPN: Import: Improved import support for hands emailed from WPN support which are a different than normal hand histories.
  • WPN: Import: Fixed WPN tournament numbers not matching when importing exported WPN tournament summaries from PT3/PT4
  • Import: Draws: Fixed some backdoor straight draws not being detected
  • Crash: Fixed crash that was occurring on startup for many users

  • Reports: Export: Right-click "Export Hand History" was renamed to "Export Original Hand History"

  • Video: Export: Removed direct upload to YouTube for hands exported to video. YouTube's requirements were too stringent to continue to support. Instead you will need to export to video then manually upload them to your YouTube account/channel
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New Release: 4.15.23

Postby APerfect10 » Mon Aug 03, 2020 8:54 am

PokerTracker 4.15.23 Release Notes - August 03, 2020

  • 888: Snap HUD: Added HUD support for SNAP fast-fold poker
  • GGPoker: Import: Calculate rake based on available rake schedules (since rake is not in the hand history)
  • Winning Poker Network: Tournament: Added support for new WPN tournament summaries*
  • Winning Poker Network: Added support for new Cyclone tournaments
  • partypoker: Added site support
  • PokerMaster: Added support for 8-max table layout
  • PokerStars: Zoom HUD: Added support for new Zoom Ante tables
  • iPoker: Added site support for Red Start Poker, Betsson UK and Betsson SE

  • GGPoker: Import: Fixed invalid date import errors for some tournaments
  • Ignition: Import: Fixed invalid buyin for multitable Sit & Go's
  • Ignition: Import: Fixed import errors due to hands with antes which are all-in that lose by everyone folding to the big blind
  • iPoker: Import: Fixed inaccurate stakes when the hand has the SB or BB all-in with their blind
  • PokerStars: Import: Fixed incorrect net won results for cashout hands that contain a dead small blind with all-ins
  • PokerStars: Import: Fixed incorrect winnings for satellite Spin & Go's
  • Winning Poker Network: Equity: Fixed all-in equity calculation when going all-in with 100% equity and the jackpot fee is calculated as the All-In Adjusted Diff
  • Winning Poker Network: Equity: Fixed all-in equity not being calculated for CAP hands when the cap is reached

* You will need to configure the new WPN tournament summaries directory. In PokerTracker go to Configure -> Site & Import Options. On the left hand side, select the Winning Poker Network icon and on the right-hand side click the 'Auto Detect' button and your tournament summaries directory should be detected. If not, you will need to manually browse and select it.
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New Release: 4.15.24

Postby APerfect10 » Tue Sep 15, 2020 8:47 am

PokerTracker 4.15.24 Release Notes - September 15, 2020

  • macOS: Added Support for macOS 11 Big Sur
  • Hand2Note: Added H2N database conversion to PokerTracker 4 accessible via Tools -> Setup Assistant

  • 9Stacks: Detection: Added auto detection of the 9Stacks hand history directory
  • GGPoker: Import: Updated rake schedule for rake calculations
  • GGPoker: Tournament Detection: Improved tournament detection for GGPoker Spin & Gold (3-max STT)
  • HUD: Tooltips: Fixed tooltips not appear in popup until the mouse is moved slightly
  • Import: Attempted fix to improve lockups/freezes when old hand histories are found after auto-import
  • iPoker: Import: Fixed importing of tournaments from HM2 bulk exports
  • Microgaming: Import: Fixed GBP hands not importing for certain system locales
  • partypoker: Import: Work around downloaded partypoker hands with incorrect positions that were causing import errors
  • PokerStars: Tournament Detection: Properly set 'Satellite' flag for Spin Satellites
  • Winamax: Tournament Detection: Broken Flipper tournament hand histories were preventing tournament detection from running
  • Winning Poker Network: Archive: Properly archive WPN tournament summaries to the WPN Processed Files folder

  • Microgaming: Auto-Import: Removed auto-import support for MPN which shutdown in June 2020. Old MPN hands can still be manually imported.
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New Release: 4.15.25

Postby WhiteRider » Wed Sep 16, 2020 2:49 am

PokerTracker 4.15.25 Release Notes - September 15, 2020

  • Query errors in for small stakes license holders in v4.15.24
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New Release: 4.15.26

Postby APerfect10 » Wed Nov 18, 2020 12:24 pm

PokerTracker 4.15.26 Release Notes - November 18, 2020

  • iPoker: HUD: Added support for new iPoker beta client which will be released as stable soon
  • Winamax: Added support for upcoming Winamax release that allows multiple tables within one window.
  • PokerTracker App API: Released Third Party App API v1.2. (Please contact us for changes/documentation)

  • Full Tilt: Fixed facing steal not be counted for BB after SB folds
  • GGPoker: Import: Updated rake schedule for recent rake change made in October 2020
  • GGPoker: Import: Fixed incorrect blinds being imported for some GGPoker tournaments
  • GGPoker: Import: Fixed invalid date import errors for GG Poker Bounty Hunters Special hands
  • GGPoker: Import: Worked around payout amounts not matching the pot total during split pots
  • Ignition: Import: Fixed stakes incorrectly showing as 0.12/0.25 instead of 0.10/0.25
  • iPoker: Import: Fixed issue determining daylight savings time for EST timezone
  • partypoker: Fixed regression where some tournaments no longer counted rebuys or detected as REBUY
  • People's Poker: HUD: Fixed HUD layouts for 5max tables
  • PokerStars: HUD: Improved Zoom tournament window detection/attachment.
  • PokerStars: Import: Fixed WCOOP Fast Track tournaments not importing as satellites
  • PokerStars: Import: Fixed some 2nd place winnings in satellite tournaments not being detected
  • PokerStars: Tournament Detection: Fixed incorrect rebuy/re-entries being recorded in some rebuy/re-entry tournaments
  • PokerStars: HUD: Fixed Zoom 1,000/2,000 play money hands not displaying a HUD
  • PokerStars: Import: Fixed bounty currency being incorrectly detected in freeroll tournaments
  • Reports: Overall Tournament: Fixed a query error when the 'Folded as First Action' filter was applied.
  • User Interface: macOS: Fixed regression that caused the Refresh button to not be visible
  • Stability: Improved memory usage and allocation which was resulting in several "Out of Memory" crashes

  • Tournament Detection: Updated Tournament Detection rules to 5.47
  • 888: Updated Snap DLL to support recent 888 country specific changes

  • IDN: Removed IDN auto-import support since IDN is no longer supported by the Asian Hand Grabber
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New Release: 4.15.27

Postby APerfect10 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 6:33 pm

PokerTracker 4.15.27 Release Notes - November 30, 2020

  • Database: Updated database to include new column 'amt_bounty_val' to better track bounty values.

  • 888: HUD: Fixed HUD that was only displaying on the first hand due to 888 client changes
  • GGPoker: Import: Switched from calculating rake to importing it from the hand history
  • PokerStars.FR: HUD: Added support for new PokerStars.FR table window names
  • PokerStars: Import: Fixed cash bounties not importing for freeroll bounty tournaments
  • PokerStars: HUD: Fixed hero HUD stats and HHV not displaying for Zoom heads-up MTTs
  • partypoker: Equity: Removed equity calculations when a player contributes multiple antes
  • Run It Once Poker: Import: Tournament buy-in and rake are now imported from the hand history

  • Tournament Detection: Updated TD to v5.48
  • Updated 888 SNAP DLL to v1.10.19
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New Release: 4.15.28

Postby APerfect10 » Fri Jan 22, 2021 10:20 am

PokerTracker 4.15.28 Release Notes - January 22, 2021

  • 888: Added SNAP € table support
  • 888: Added replayer support for 3-max tables
  • COP: Added auto-import support for the new Asian Hand Converter supported site*
  • Pokio: Added auto-import support for the new Asian Hand Converter supported site*
  • X-Poker: Added auto-import support for the new Asian Hand Converter supported site*

  • 888: Tournament Detection: Improved buyin and addon detection from tournament summary
  • GGPoker: Import: Fixed "Rush & Cash" hands being assigned an incorrect stake
  • GGPoker: Import: Fixed a few hands failing to import due to an invalid date error
  • GGPoker: Tournament Detection: Improved tournament buy-in detection
  • GGPoker: Import: Import jackpot amount when specified in the hand history
  • PokerStars: Import: Fixed 2nd place for rebuy tourneys when a player rebuys and there is no tournament summary
  • PokerStars.IN: Import: Fixed hands incorrectly importing as play money and with no stack sizes
  • Run It Once Poker: Import: Fixed Cub3d tournaments importing with no buyin or fee and wrong stakes/blinds
  • Winamax: HUD: Improved HUD scaling to be the same on the new Winamax client vs. the old client
  • WPN: Import: Fixed import failing due to invalid BB due to WPN switching the order in their hand histories

  • Tournament Detection: Updated TD to v5.57
  • Updated 888 SNAP DLL to v1.10.24

  • PPPoker: Removed auto-import support since the site is no longer supported by Asian Hand Converter

* Requires use of the Asian Hand Converter
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New Release: 4.15.29

Postby APerfect10 » Thu Mar 04, 2021 4:07 pm

PokerTracker 4.15.29 Release Notes - March 4, 2021

  • Added support for X-Poker, COP, and Pokio*
  • HUD: Allow popup windows to be moved and managed by window managers
  • macOS: PokerStars: HUD: Added support for PokerStars full screen tables
  • PPPoker: Re-added auto-import support which was being used by some third party hand converter(s)
  • Tournament Editor: Added ability to edit bounty prize amounts
  • iPoker: Added support for Swiss Casino Poker
  • iPoker: Added support for multiple bounties in Knockout tournaments
  • partypoker: Added support for 7-max tables
  • PokerStars.USMI: Added support for PokerStars Michigan
  • GGPoker: Added complete "Run It Three Times" support
  • Winning Poker Network: Added complete "Run It Twice" or more support

  • HUD: Fixed potential HUD crash while displaying hole cards
  • macOS: HUD: Fixed HUD tooltips
  • Stats: Net Adjusted: Fixed net adjusted not being calculated when a player folds and shows
  • GGPoker: Import: Fixed NL2 hands
  • PokerStars: HUD: Fixed 'Delta Bootis' tables with inconsistent characters between window title and hand history
  • PokerStars: HUD: Restrict use of any stats using the _combinations table per PokerStars rules and request
  • PokerStars.IN: Import: Fixed INR freeroll tournaments not detecting winnings
  • PokerStars.IT: Zoom: Fixed HUD attachment issue with changed Zoom window titles
  • Run It Once Poker: Tournament Detection: Added support for their new tournament summaries for better tournament information
  • Run It Once Poker: Import: Fixed import of players with spaces in their names causing no prizes
  • Winamax: Import: Fixed import error with Omaha Hi/Lo hands
  • Winamax: Import: Fixed import errors with two players at the same table having similar player names
  • Winning Poker Network: Tournament Detection: Fixed prize and prize pool info not being imported
  • Winning Poker Network: HUD: Fixed recent hands not being displayed for some Blitz stakes

  • Due to Flash end of life, in client videos have been replaced by launching an external browser to view the video.
  • Updated TournamentDetect.cfg to v5.65

* Requires use of the Asian Hand Converter
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New Release: 4.15.30

Postby APerfect10 » Mon May 10, 2021 3:11 pm

PokerTracker 4.15.30 Release Notes - May 10, 2021

  • EvenBet: Added support for sites using the EvenBet software: 9stacks, SwCPoker, Poker Saint, Poker High, RA Poker & the LatAm Poker Network
  • GTech: Added support for Jackpot payouts
  • Winamax: Added support for the new "Hold-Up" games

  • Crash: Import: Fixed crash caused when stopping import then closing PT4 before import was fully stopped.
  • GGPoker: Import: Fixed invalid date import error
  • GGPoker: Import: Fixed some stakes from importing incorrectly. Requires purging & re-importing the hands to fix.
  • GGPoker: Import: Reject hands where the blinds are incorrect in the hand history
  • GGPoker: Import: Fixed Omaha hands failing to import due to name change in hand history
  • GTech: Import: Fixed net won for cash hands with rake
  • GTech: Import: Fixed import issue with dead small blinds
  • HUD: Fixed regression which caused extra spacing in tab names
  • Ignition: Import: Fixed issue when the big blind wins the pot with an ante all-in
  • Import: Prevent 'Automatically Apply Treat As' from downgrading a table size once previously detected
  • Reports: Fixed modified reports from resetting incorrectly
  • Reports: Fixed crash when selecting first hand via Shift-Page Up
  • Statistics: Formatting: Fixed format_currency not working with values over one million
  • UI (macOS): Fixed text formatting and layout issues on 4K displays

  • PokerStars: Hud: Improved default layout positions for the Aurora client
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