pt4, betonline stats inop

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pt4, betonline stats inop

Postby phydeaux56 » Sat Oct 08, 2016 11:59 pm

I purchased pt4 small stakes 9-13-16, betonline card catcher, and use betonline. I got the HUD up and running. It showed my cummulative stats on the HUD for most of the month. Lately its been showing the stats for current session, current table. Also i am unable to get stats working. for example, hit view stats, leak analysis,all dates, 0.02 nl, all bet types, run analysis, up pops in red no hands found that meet selected criteria. If i hit play ppoker there is a list of all hands ive played, at least i checked the first 100. I tried the help page on setting up ipoker with pt4. Made no sense. I sent a couple emails over the last week to support. Maybe they were too busy to respond. Thanks in advance for any dearly needed help.
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Re: pt4, betonline stats inop

Postby morny » Sun Oct 09, 2016 11:15 am

If you PM me the email you sent the post from I will look into why you did not get a reply and apologies for that, we definitely wouldn't ignore them and ill find out what happened.

The HUD shows cumulative stats for everyone except the Hero. To see session stats on the HUD for other individual players just double click on the HUD. What might have happened to you is there is a global setting to show table session stats or lifetime stats. You can access that by clicking on the PT icon overlayed on the table and choose "Set all to Lifetime Stats"

Regarding the hands not showing up, if the hands are showing up in live play then they have imported and its highly likely there is a filter preventing them showing. In the left side panel click the blue link to clear all filters and the hands should show up. You might have accidentally set a date or game type filter at some stage. If that doesn't help PM me with your email, i will look into your lost email and get in contact to resolve the issues.
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