New Release: 4.14.27

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New Release: 4.14.22

Postby APerfect10 » Tue Feb 21, 2017 6:07 pm

PokerTracker 4.14.22 Release Notes - February 21, 2017

  • Replayer: Added support for 7-max tables
  • Hud: Editor: Added the ability to specify the horizontal line, stat separator and prefix/suffix colors
  • TableTracker: Added PokerStars.PT support
  • partypoker: fastforward: Added Danske Spil fastforward support.

  • Hud: Editor: Stat prefix and suffixes are no longer affected by color ranges
  • PokerStars: HUD: Changed default 4-max seat positions for the default PokerStars 7 Nova theme
  • Licensing: The license server moved to and always connects via a secure connection (https).

  • Hud: Editor: Fixed the sticky resizing of windows and potential crash
  • Hud: Profiles: Premium add-on stake restrictions no longer apply to play money tables
  • Hud: Editor: Added better messaging to indicate that you can double click stats to add multiple stats without closing the stat selector window
  • partypoker: fastforward: Fixed fastforward support that was broken with the February 2017 party client update
  • Ipartypoker: Fixed failed imports due to Bounty won in Tricket SNG's'
  • partypoker: Added fastforward support and detection for Bolt 4
  • partypoker: Import: Fixed SGT timezone import as GMT
  • Import: Fixed hands failing to import due to a hand history format change.
  • PokerStars: Tournament Detetion: Fixed hyper STT summaries clearinig the 'hyper-turbo' tag
  • PokerStars.IT: Tournament Detection: Added support for 0.84 + 0.16 3-table turbos
  • Merge: HUD: Fixed the HUD from occassionally disappearing from a table thne re-appearing.
  • iPoker: Import: Fixed iimport errors due to player names containing parenthesis.
  • Winamax: Tournament Summary: Fixed TD tournament detection incorrctly resetting the buy-in.
  • Winamax: Import: Tournaments without summaries should now correctly import with the buy-in.
  • Winamax: Tournament Detection: Better handle Expresso summaries that sometimes set incorrect information.
  • Winamax: Tournament Detection: Correctly set Expresso as Turbo's
  • Mac: Fixed intermittent video and community loading
  • Import: Exchange Rate: Fixed failed exchange rate from looping preventing import from proceeeding
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New Release: 4.14.23

Postby APerfect10 » Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:46 pm

PokerTracker 4.14.23 Release Notes - March 08, 2017

  • HUD: New HUD option to apply a profile to all tables of the same type.
  • Added support for fastforward euro tables.
  • Backups: Added automated version backups for stats, repots and filters
  • partypoker.Added support for Greek bwin site
  • HUD: Stat prefixes/suffixes can now be set to use the stat color and not the color range. By default, the color range is used.

  • HUD: Fixed stat prefix/suffix colors not using color ranges (introduced in 4.14.122).
  • HUD: Fixed spacing bug with suffixes.
  • HUD: Fixed stat prefix/suffixes not using the opacity setting.
  • Replayer: 888 & iPoker: Fixed preferred seating not working correctly for some seats.
  • iPoker: Import: Fixed Twister tournament prizes not correctly importing.
  • partypoker: Import: Fixed import error with incorrect "big blind + dead blind" amount in hand history.
  • partypoker: Import: Fixed import errors with jackpot hands.
  • partypoker: Import: Fixed bounty won for Tricket SNG-Hero.
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New Release: 4.14.24

Postby APerfect10 » Fri Apr 14, 2017 10:34 am

PokerTracker 4.14.24 Release Notes - April 14, 2017

  • Microgaming: Removed support for Microgaming cash hands due to Microgaming no longer writing cash game hand histories if you do not put money into the pot.

  • Microgaming: PKR: Added support for PKR tournaments.
  • Microgaming: Tournament Detection: Added support for "Fish Party" SNG summaries.
  • partypoker: fastforward: Added support for new fastforward table names.
  • partypoker: Tournament Detection: Added support for new structure "weight class" tournaments and new regional satellites.
  • partypoker: bwin.GR: Added support for bwin.GR.
  • partypoker: Added support fro BOT (GMT -4) timezone.
  • partypoker: Added partypoker premium skin support.
  • Winning Poker Network (WPN): Import: Added import support for downlodable Jackpot/SNG 2.0 hand histories.
  • PokerStars: Added support for 7-max tables.

  • iPoker: Import: Fixed an invalid date import error.
  • iPoker: Tournament Detection: Twisters now correctly default to 2 * (buyin + fee)
  • iPoker.It: Fixed buy-in amounts with commas.
  • iPoker: Tournament Detection: Support early end of tournaments when detecting for DON
  • partypoker: Import: Fixed some satellite tournaments with $ buyin and € prize importing with a € buy-in.
  • partypoker: Tournament Detection: Fixed villian bounties counting as double in final hand of SNG-Hero.
  • partypoker: Tournament Detection: Trickett's HERO now correctly detect as BOUNTY LOTTERY like other HERO games.
  • Microgaming: Import: Fixed hands failing to import with players containing "Blaze" in their name.
  • Microgaming: Import: Fixed importing of hand histories exported from HM2.
  • Winning Poker Network: Import: Fixed buyin detection for heads-up SNG's
  • Winamax: Import: Fixed prize pool from Expresso tournaments.
  • Hud Editor: Fixed crash if an invalid value was entered into a prefix or suffix color field.
  • Hud Editor: When duplicate a HUD profile, do not add "Cash" if in tournament mode.
  • Hud Editor: When renaming a profile, the current name is pre-populated into the edit box.
  • Replayer: Change export to YouTube to use OAuth rather than a user's username and password. (Windows only, Mac coming soon)

  • Hud: Re-ordered HUD menu for better organization and usability.
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New Release: 4.14.25

Postby APerfect10 » Tue Jun 27, 2017 4:39 pm

PokerTracker 4.14.25 Release Notes - June 27, 2017


  • PKR: Removed PKR auto-import has been disabled due to PKR's closure.

  • People's Poker: Added a new site "People's Poker" which has many skins and runs on the MicroGame software.
  • iPoker: Added support for and Mansion Poker.
  • partypoker: fastforward: Added support for new tables "Speedy" and "Agile".
  • Svenska Spel: Added support to manually imported .db files.
  • Winning Poker Network: Import: Added support to import tournament results web page.

  • iPoker: Import: Fixed incorrect winnings and rake for hands with out of position blinds and an uncalled raise.
  • iPoker: Import: Workaround hand history bug when heads-up and an ante puts a player all-in.
  • iPoker.FR: Improved support for errant hand histories where chips won is incorrect.
  • iPoker.FR: Tournament Detection: Improved detection of multi-entry tournaments.
  • Microgaming: (MacOS Only): Fixed importing of hands where no stack is listed for the button.
  • Microgaming: (MacOS Only): Fixed import errors with Mac hand histories for some all-in situations.
  • partypoker: Import: Fixed bounty import errors for "Party Hero" tourneys.
  • partypoker: Import: Prize pools are automatically populated from the guaranteed amount in party tourneys.
  • partypoker.GR: Fixed table detection for Powerfest tables.
  • PokerStars: HUD: Resolved crashing when playing against opponents with a special characters in their name.
  • PokerStars: Import: Fixed some tournaments incorrectly recording a bounty.
  • PokerStars.PT: Fixed issues with table names with accented characters.
  • Winamax: Improved support for "Summer Series".
  • Winning Poker Network: Import: Text hand histories do not import as 6-max, so we have enabled "Automatically Apply Treat As" for these hands.
  • Winning Poker Network: Tournament Detection: Fixed fees for On-Demand tournaments.
  • Winning Poker Network: Fixed incorrect buy-in from GTD Prize Pool in downloaded WPN-txt files.
  • Import/Eval: Fixed hand strength calculations for Omaha to make sure that all board cards are used.
  • Replayer: Fixed hand notes being cut off after the less than "<" symbol.
  • Tournament Edit: Fixed R&A/Bounty values being set to zero while editing multiple tournaments.

  • Tournament Detection: Updated Tournament Detection config to v4.59.
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New Release: 4.14.26

Postby APerfect10 » Tue Jul 18, 2017 8:59 am

PokerTracker 4.14.26 Release Notes - July 18, 2017


  • PokerStars: Zoom: The PokerStars memory grabber was incorrectly grabbing Zoom hands leading to incorrect data. The memory grabber will no longer detect Zoom tables and should lead to a better and more accurate Zoom HUD experience.

  • partypoker: Import: Added support for "Power Series HERO" tournaments.
  • People's Poker: Added support for 8-max tables.
  • People's Poker: (Mac) Added hand history detection.

  • iPoker: Import: Fixed import errors introduced in the v17.3.3.18+ iPoker client
  • iPoker: Import: Fixed iPoker hands with an extra space after the hand number from causing duplicate hands in the database.
  • iPoker: Tournament Detection: Improved detection and handling of rebuy tournaments.
  • People's Poker: (Mac) Fixed preferred seat detection.
  • HUD: Fixed scaling issues on Windows 7 at 150%.
  • partypoker: Import: Improved big blind and small blind amount detection.
  • People's Poker: Import: Fixed errors occurring during importing of hands with an ante.
  • People's Poker: Import/Table Detection: Improved detection of "[AC]" cash tables.
  • People's Poker: Import: Improved hand history detection for People's skins.
  • Winamax: Table Detection: Fixed table detection for Winamax "MINI WSOP" for the French language.
  • User Interface (UI): Filters: Fixed filter window content being incorrectly positioned when scrolling.
  • Hand History Viewer: Fixed side pot odds not being calculated correctly for hands with multiple all-ins on different streets.
  • Tournament: Report: Fixed regression introduced in 4.14.25 release where reports were not properly grouping "By Description"*.

  • Tournament Detection: Updated Tournament Detection config to v4.62.

* Requires purging of existing tournaments which are not displaying in the reports and reimporting the tournaments to resolve.
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New Release: 4.14.27

Postby APerfect10 » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:39 pm

PokerTracker 4.14.27 Release Notes - October 17, 2017

  • GTech/Svenska: Import: Fixed first hand not importing during auto-import
  • GTech/Svenska: Import: added currency "kr" for SEK and villain showdown cards fix
  • iPoker: HUD: Fixed 2-max default HUD locations for the new iPoker client
  • partypoker: Import: Fixed import of Spin Hero after partypoker hand history change*
  • People's Poker Network: Import: Better handling of unexpected blank lines in the middle of a hand history
  • PokerStars: Import: Fixed bounty not counting when a player is sitting out
  • Winning Poker Network: Import: Support SNG 2.0, Jackpot, Punta Cana auto import of new .txt format
  • Winning Poker Network: Import: Fixed import lockup when importing Lottery winnings for no-uncalled return hands
  • HUD: Table Selector: Fixed crashes
  • HUD Editor: Fixed crash when removing HUD panel items
  • Install (MacOS): If PokerTracker is installed to a "protected" location; prompt the user to move to the "Applications" directory
  • PostgreSQL: Improved installation detection, starting the service and reliability
  • Replayer: HUD: Force session only mode when replaying anonymous hand(s)
  • UI: Improved support for HDPI monitors on Windows 10
  • UI: Graph: Fixed crashes when viewing bell curve graph

* Requires purging Spin Hero hands imported after partypoker change and then manually reimporting them.
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