New Release: 4.04 STABLE

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New Release: 4.04 STABLE

Postby Josh » Fri Aug 17, 2012 9:51 pm

Release Notes
PokerTracker 4.04 STABLE Release Notes: August 17, 2012

Key Updates Summary

  • New keyboard shortcuts are now available for use in the Replayer! See the full list by replaying multiple hands, click Options in the Replayer and select Navigation from the menu.
  • The PokerTracker 4 trial is no longer restricted to 30 minutes per use!
  • Live import support has been re-enabled for Full Tilt Poker in anticipation of it’s pending return!
  • New tutorial videos have been added for NoteTracker and the Currency Manager, to view click the video icon in the respective windows!
  • Import: Party: Added support for importing the Party Poker OS X client’s hand history format
  • Database: Added warning for users of PostgreSQL 9.1.x or higher. This version is not supported by PokerTracker due to potential for data corruption.
  • HUD Editor: Added ability to assign popups to text objects in the HUD Profile
  • Replayer: Added new keyboard shortcuts for skipping to next hand where hero took action preflop [SHFT+ARROW}, and jumping to flop, turn or river.
  • Stats: Added "Position (Full Ring)" stat, it will be used to replace the previous “Position” stat.
  • Stats: Added new “Live Min Stack, Live Min Stack BB” stats - “Amount of money in a player's current stack, as calculated based on the result of the last imported hand.”
  • Stats: Added the column “live_table_min_stack”
  • Video: Added tutorial videos for NoteTracker and Currency Manager
  • Hand Details Viewer: Added experimental “HTML” copy format
  • Import: Full Tilt: Re-enabled auto-import in anticipation of Full Tilt's return
  • Graphs: Scatter: The active player is now visually identified with an X in the Scatter Graph
  • Graphs: The method used to click to open a hand has been revised to use a new "closest to point" method to assure a match with the respective tooltip for the hand
  • NoteTracker: Altered purging functionality to assure that only notes based on the current section Cash or Tournament will be purged
  • Stats: Changed "Position" stat to match the functionality of all HUD positioning and standard Position reports. Position (Full Ring) will be used instead for Full Ring positioning in reports.
  • Trial: The 30 minute importing time limit has been removed from the trial version of PokerTracker 4, the "Please Register" message has been altered to be more visible due to user comments
  • Import: PokerStars: Solve memory issues that could occur when attempting to import hands from “other” games not supported by PokerTracker
  • Import: Fix to stop Generic Summary information from overwriting during tournament detection
  • Import: Fix to export manually entered rebuys and addons during tournament export
  • Import: Fix to address incorrect Bounty Amt when exported using PokerTracker’s generic summary format
  • Import: PokerStars: Fix satellite prize calculations when prizes are missing from summaries
  • Import: OnGame: Fix date detection when manually importing OnGame database files
  • Import: Fix issue that could occur when the BB is walked and is the only blind posted
  • Import: PokerStars: Fix issue with the calculation of the FPP tourney fee during summary import
  • Import: PokerStars: Fix Bounty calculation errors that occurred with summary that were sent via email
  • Import: PokerStars: Address issues with PokerStars satellite prize calculation
  • Import: Bodog: Incorrect errors issue fixed for legacy Bodog hand histories where a player won but the cards are mucked
  • Import: Party: Quoted-printable emails were not decoded prior-to import
  • Import: Fix to address stalling of the email population list when mail items with an invalid date are found
  • Import: Party: PT fix for Party Poker hand history bug that can occur when names with spaces exist
  • Import: Party: Fix daylight savings issues that can occur with rebuy tournaments
  • Import: Fixed memory management issues while importing Microgaming and Legacy Ultimate Bet hands
  • Import: MicroGaming: Fix incorrect blind sizes in tournament imports
  • Import: iPoker: Fixed issue that occurs in tournament all-in on big blind hands
  • Export: Fix to force exporting of tournament hands in chronological order
  • HUD: Address possible crash that could occur when editing or changing a HUD Profile
  • HUD: Fix text size issue that occurred when resizing the table
  • HUD: Stop a crash that could occur when the user would send a HUD command while the HUD was reloading
  • Active Player: Stop a crash that could occur when using the Active Player selection dialog
  • Cache: Fix to address cache update logging performance
  • Equity Calculator: Fix to allow lowercase card notation in the board and dead cards fields
  • Equity Calculator: Fix equity calculator GUI bug which showed busy curser after calculation was complete
  • Equity Calculator: The equity calculator will now only remain on-top of PT4 windows
  • Equity Calculator: Fix visual representation of range when manually typed
  • Filters: Re-enable all Currencies / Play Money filters
  • HUD Profile Editor: Fix GUI bug which displayed remnant group items after deleting all groups
  • Reports: Fix filter to support tournament buy-ins numbers that contain commas
  • Stats: Correct the ICM calculator’s population of prize percentages when opened from replayer
  • Stats: Fix to stop All-in Equities stored as a value of 0, these equities will be stored as a value of .0001 instead
  • Stats: Fix ROI stat to use currency converted values to assure proper grouping when added to reports
  • Stats: Improve sorting of tournament My Currency Buy-In stats by using the buyin as the sorting property
  • Stats: Fix sorting by stake issue caused by micros
  • Stats: Altered the calculation of tournament Net Adjusted Winnings as described in
  • TourneyDetect: Fixed prize detection issue when hero bubbles which could cause inaccurate ICM results and inaccurate villain prize
  • TourneyDetect: Optimized detection code for faster results when mixed currencies are used
  • TableTracker: Fix threading issues that could lead to a crash
  • TableTracker: Fix filtering for euro tables
  • Setup Assistant: Fix conversion from PokerTracker 3 bug which resulted in missing the first hand in the database
  • Trial: Fix Trial window crashed that occurred when clicking the exit button
  • Trial: Fixed a few minor cosmetic GUI issues with the Trial/Register window
Special Notes
Navigating the Hand Replayer using keyboard shortcuts:?
  • Previous Hand (CTRL + Left Arrow)
  • Next Hand (CTRL + Right Arrow)
  • Previous Hand Played (SHIFT + Left Arrow)
  • Next Hand Played (SHIFT + Right Arrow)
  • First Hand (CTRL + HOME)
  • Last Hand (CTRL + HOME)
  • Rewind (Left Arrow)
  • Forward (Right Arrow)
  • Beginning of Hand (Home)
  • End of Hand (End)
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Re: New Release: 4.04 STABLE

Postby Josh » Sun Aug 19, 2012 1:01 pm

Release Notes
PokerTracker 4.04.1 STABLE RELEASE Notes: August 19th, 2012

  • Trial: "Please Register" Hud message appearing on tables for registered users using the trial of a second product
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