New Release: 4.02 STABLE

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New Release: 4.02 STABLE

Postby Josh » Tue Jul 24, 2012 5:43 pm

Release Notes
PokerTracker 4.02 STABLE RELEASE Notes
Commercial Release: July 24, 2012

We would like to thank the thousands of pre-release beta testers who provided insight and feedback during the Public Beta. PokerTracker 4 was made for you; we could not have done this without your help.

Key Updates Summary Carried Over From 4.01.25

  • NEW: Shaun Deeb’s NoteTracker Tournament Auto Note rules are now included exclusively in PokerTracker 4!
  • NEW: Note colors will now appear around the on-table HUD group for that player, this makes color coding much more powerful!
  • NEW: You can now disable equity percentages in the mucked cards display, this makes the mucked cards display smaller on the screen, it will be a helpful addition for players whose mucked cards display has the potential to clutter the table
  • HUD: The player note color appears as a highlight around the player group
  • HUD Options: Added option to disable equity percentages
  • NoteTracker: Added new Tournament note rules
  • Replayer: Added option to hide hero hole cards until showdown
  • Import: IGT: Change to IGT’s hand history format allows the import of tournament buyin fees
  • Import: iPoker: Removed some legacy PT3 hacks from iPoker’s hand history parser code
  • HUD: iPoker: The HUD at Speed Poker tables has been disabled to improve the playing experience
  • Aliases: When a player name is removed from an Alias, it will be added to the Player list
  • Community: Holding CTRL while clicking reload will clear the cache before reloading
  • Community: Browser settings, cache, and cookies are now in the PT4 users folder under Community Cache
  • Graphs: Personal Results: Change text from "Show Stats" to "Overlay Stats”
  • HUD Profile Editor: Fixed crashed that occurred when arrays are resized
  • GUI: Added Download links to the appropriate windows for Custom Stats, HUD Profile, Reports, and NoteTracker Auto Notes.
  • Notes: Players name in Notes and Tool Tips are now hidden when Mask Player Names is enabled in the Replayer
  • Tourney Results: The currency can now be defined when editing the tournament
  • Edit Tourney Results: The Hero is now highlighted in the results list
  • Hand History Viewer: Change the order of the Hand Details and Hand History Text buttons in the GUI
  • PostgreSQL: Allow users to opt-out of the 1GB memory warning message
  • Trial: Game types are now restricted within the trial
  • Trial: Disable stat import and editing
  • Trial: Trial users can now create more than one database
  • Import: Party: Allow import of malformed Party hand with Players sitting out which are unreported
  • Import: Party: Fix to stop penalty blinds incorrectly reported as bb in rare situation
  • Import: Party: Alter disconnect errors reporting
  • Import: Party: Add support for emailed Jackpot hands from Party
  • Import: Fix crash that could occur when a user stopped import button and then the close button afterwards before processing was completed.
  • Import: Currency fix to support tournaments in Euros
  • Import: Fixes for incorrect xBet_raise cols when no opp exists (vs allin)
  • HUD: Alter text encoding used to decode players names to address issues with non-European MS Windows systems on PokerStars Zoom tables
  • Import: Alter code to monitors sessions so PT4 can better determine when a session remains active between PokerTracker 4 restarts
  • HUD Options: Removed errant 80BB – from effective stack range
  • Aliases: Disable the alias icon when all aliases have been removed from a player
  • Autodetect: The wrong site was listed in the "unable to detect" message for Party Poker when using Balkanized client such as
  • Export: Fixed bug which caused exporting to fail when game type filter used in Export -> Advanced Tournament
  • Export: Various fixes that affect session exports
  • Graphs: Fixed Bell Curve "Sets" value to remove Omaha hands
  • ICM Calc: Removed all hard-coded GUI sizing from ICM Calculator & Tourney Results Editor, and address Windows XP-related GUI errors
  • LeakTracker: Added video icon next to video link in stat details
  • NoteTracker: Notes are now sorted alphabetically
  • Reports: Tourney overview zoom out conflict averted by resetting drill down options
  • Stats: Removed "HEMEV DIFF" stat which was only used for alpha testing
  • TableTracker: Removed references to HUD when fatal error messages occur
  • Themes: Updated links for Deck/Replayer theme downloads in the Download Warehouse
  • Tourney Results Editor: Fixed tab order and default filter by most recent
  • Tourney Results Editor: Change sort ordering

Special Notes

  • Former Beta testers are advised to create a new database and reimport their hand histories stored in the Processed Files folder at their convenience. This recommendation is due to the many improvements made during the Beta test that can only be implemented during the importing of hand histories. A reimport is not required to continue to use PokerTracker 4, but it is advised so you can take advantage of the optimal speed performance changes and some key stat calculations such as effective stack size. We apologize for this inconvenience, but it is necessary since the changes to the database must be made during a hand import.
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Re: New Release: 4.02 STABLE

Postby Josh » Sat Jul 28, 2012 10:42 am

  • Trial: Issue preventing queries in the trial version from using the cache, causing performance issues for all trial users
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