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Release Notes: PokerTracker 4.17.10

PostPosted: Mon Sep 04, 2023 8:26 am
by APerfect10
PokerTracker 4.17.10 Release Notes - September 04, 2023

  • iPoker: Added support for SEK currency.

  • Backup/Restore: Fixed bug causing some large database backups to fail*
  • GGPoker: Import: Worked around All-In or Fold hands with no flop in the hand history so that they import properly.
  • HHPoker: Import: Fixed incorrect net adjusted results for "bomb" pot hands.
  • PostgreSQL: Database Management: Fixed version number display.
  • PostgreSQL: Installation: Updated PostgreSQL installation to the correct path for PostgreSQL versions greater than 9
  • Revolution: HUD: Fixed HUD not displaying on "Happy Hour" tables
  • SwC: Import: Fixed invalid pot size errors for real-time hands with partial hands.

  • Tournament Detection: Updated TD engine to 6.45

* IMPORTANT: If you backed up your database in v4.17.9, we recommend creating a new backup in 4.17.10! Some large backups in the previous version may not restore properly.

Release Notes: PokerTracker 4.17.11

PostPosted: Tue Dec 12, 2023 3:26 pm
by APerfect10
PokerTracker 4.17.11 Release Notes - December 12, 2023

  • CoinPoker (Converter): Fixed import errors for hands with USDT symbol in table name.
  • GGPoker: Import: Fixed failure to import bet sizes with a double straddle.
  • GGPoker: Replayer: Fixed All-In or Fold hands not replaying properly.
  • Horizon: Import: Added import support for emailed tournament summaries.
  • iPoker: Import: Fixed regression that caused iPoker Football hands to incorrectly import as 6-max instead of 5-max.
  • Import: Prevent incorrect import of unsupported game types and hands.
  • partypoker/BetMGM: Incomplete hand histories are rejected due to lacking information. This can happen when cashing out in the middle of a hand.
  • PokerStars.IT: Fixed hands failing to import due to 'Unrecognized Game Type' due to PokerStars.IT update and hand history change.
  • PokerStars: HUD: Fixed HUD failing to display stats on Zoom CAP tables.
  • iPoker: Import: Fixed incorrect blind levels when BB has less chips than the ante.
  • iPoker: Import: Fixed crash when chips contains an invalid value
  • SwC: Import: Fixed tournament #'s not being detected correctly.
  • Winning Poker Network: Import: Support 'Reshuffle' hands where dead known cards can re-enter the hand.
  • Winning Poker Network: Tournament Detection: Fixed some multiple re-entries not being detected.
  • Winning Poker Network: Tournament Detection: Fixed SNG speed not being properly detected when busting during 1st blind level.

  • Tournament Detection: Updated TD engine to 6.53

Release Notes: PokerTracker 4.17.12

PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2023 9:22 am
by APerfect10
PokerTracker 4.17.12 Release Notes - December 21, 2023

  • Winning Poker Network: Import; Fixed crash when importing some 'Reshuffle hands'.

Release Notes: PokerTracker 4.17.13

PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2024 5:35 pm
by APerfect10
PokerTracker 4.17.13 Release Notes - January 19, 2024

  • 888: Added support for and 888PokerSport
  • Open Hand History (OHH): Import: Added generic OHH import support. Any OHH imported from a site that does not write OHH will be imported as the generic OHH site
  • Winamax: Added Holdem & Omaha support for 'ESCAPE' fast fold games

  • Chico: Import: Fixed 'Invalid pot size' errors when a player sits back in and posts both blinds
  • GGPoker: Import: Fixed incorrect winnings for hands with an all-in straddle
  • Svenska Spel: Import: Fixed anonymous hands not being detected as 'anonymous'
  • Winning Poker Network: Tournament Summaries: Fixed bug causing tournament summaries to be ignored
  • Winning Poker Network: Import: Fixed import not running if a configured hand history directory does not exist
  • Reports: Export: Fixed exporting of card values as the card and suit
  • Reports: Omaha: Fixed lower hands report including some Holdem hands.
  • Reports: Filter: Fixed 'Any Connectedness' flop filter including some paired boards
  • Reports: Filter: Fixed 'Called Turn Called 2Bet (First Raise)' filter not working with all-in raises

  • Tournament Detection: Updated TD engine to 6.54
  • Updated currencies for more precise dollar specification.

Release Notes: PokerTracker 4.17.14

PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2024 2:20 pm
by APerfect10
PokerTracker 4.17.14 Release Notes - April 23, 2024

A few import notes about this release:
  1. This is the final version of PokerTracker for Windows that supports 32-bit (x86) machines. PokerTracker v4.18+ will only work on 64-bit (x64) versions of Windows
  2. This is the final version of PokerTracker for macOS that will support macOS 10.14 and earlier. PokerTracker v4.18+ will only run on macOS 10.15+
  3. This release requires a database update to improve the performance of cache updates during import. Once you have updated, you cannot revert back to a previous version so you should make a backup of your database before upgrading

  • macOS: Added iPoker support for their macOS client*
  • Import/Reports: GGPoker: Added All-In or Fold to stake names
  • Winning Poker Network: HUD: Added HUD support and preferred seating for 4-max tables
  • Tournaments: Added "SHALLOW" tournament flag
  • macOS: Added new and improved flow when requesting security permissions
  • macOS: Import: Disallow Applications base folder from being set as import folders
  • Winamax: Added support for Omaha ESCAPE
  • partypoker: Import: Added support for Run-It-Twice hands which now have complete board information

General Fixes:
  • Equity: Omaha: Fixed Omaha hands incorrectly showing the equity for Omaha Hi-Lo
  • Filters: Fixed greater/less than or equal to number of limpers filter
  • Filters: Fixed 'Backdoor Straight Completed' filter
  • Filters: Fixed 'Connectedness on River Four Cards are Connect With One Gap' filter
  • Filters: Fixed 'River Actions Encountered with Sizes' filters
  • Filters: Fixed 'Actions Encountered with Sizes > 5Bet or Higher' filter
  • Hand History Viewer: Fixed street notes not displaying
  • Hand History Viewer: Fixed player stats not copying to clipboard
  • Import: Fixed full house hand strength with set higher than board trips
  • Import: Fixed flush hand strengths changing for previous streets with future board cards
  • Import: Fixed some exported hands with incorrect limits from failing to import
  • Import: Fixed empty files (0 bytes) failing to be deleted
  • Import: OHH: Fixed PPC currency to import as play money
  • macOS: Database: Backup/Restore: Fixed backup/restore retrieving incorrect PostgreSQL configurations
  • macOS: HUD: Fixed HUD blocking mouse clicks on macOS 10.13 and earlier
  • macOS: HUD: Fixed lag when dragging HUD items
  • Reports: Tournament: Fixed the "Average Finish" summary line to correctly average the finish across tournaments
  • Reports: Fixed aliased players showing separately in player reports with a PT4 Small Stakes license
  • Statistics: Fixed error in turn and river donk and donk_def column expressions
  • Statistics: Fixed error in call/fold 2bet stats: Call|Fold Flop|Turn|River 2bet
  • Statistics: Improved Preflop 3/4Bet relative size grouping stats
  • Statistics: Fixed tournament column cnt_p_ccall
  • Statistics: Cleaned up descriptions in various stats
  • Tags: Fixed tagged hands so that they correlate to either cash or tournament hands instead of potentially both

Site Specific Fixes:
  • Chico: Import: Added import support for more third-party formats
  • GTech/Boss: Import: Fixed CAD currency not being detected for some tournaments
  • Ignition/Bovada/Bodog: Import: Added support to import downloaded hands in Spanish & Portuguese
  • iPoker: Import; Improved handling of number of rebuys and total chips rebought
  • iPoker: Fixed multi-way all-in Run It Twice hands Net Won
  • PokerBros: Import: Fixed PokerBros hands in a certain format from failing to import
  • PokerStars: HUD: Fixed HUD incorrectly attaching to the PokerStars client replayer
  • PokerStars: Import: Fixed buy-in and bounty data for C$ tournaments
  • PokerStars: ICM: Fixed ICM calculations not working for PokeRStars 18-player SNG's
  • PokerStars Ontario: Fixed regression for buy-in and bounty detection on some PKO tournaments
  • Winning Poker Network: HUD: Fixed HUD incorrectly attaching to the PT4 replayer
  • Winning Poker Network: Import: Fixed winnings not being detected for bomb pot cashout hands
  • Winning Poker Network: Import: Fixed tournament numbers incorrectly changing during tournament detection

  • Cache: Improved cache queries to improve import performance and to reduce slow cache warnings
  • macOS: Quick Filter: Changed quick filter dropped selector to sort by name
  • Reports: Changed color of tournament rows based on BB won instead of chips won

  • Tournament Detection: Updated TD engine to 6.61
  • Updated PokerTracker About menu to be current

* macOS iPoker supports requires installation of the regional sites through the Apple Store. Each regional site will work if the hand history directory is configured correctly manually. However, since each regional site has a different installation location and we cannot access all of them, auto detect will only work for limited sites that we have tested. If auto detect does not work for your site, we need for you to provides us with information about the specific iPoker site that you are playing on. Please see this guide to learn more and how to provide us with the correct information so that we can add auto detect support for the specific iPoker site that you are playing on.

Release Notes: PokerTracker 4.17.15

PostPosted: Thu May 09, 2024 7:54 am
by APerfect10
PokerTracker 4.17.15 Release Notes - May 9, 2024

A few import notes about this release:
  1. This is the final version of PokerTracker for Windows that supports 32-bit (x86) machines. PokerTracker v4.18+ will only work on 64-bit (x64) versions of Windows
  2. This is the final version of PokerTracker for macOS that will support macOS 10.14 and earlier. PokerTracker v4.18+ will only run on macOS 10.15+

  • macOS: iPoker: Added fast-fold support

  • Reports: Fixed regression where Overview report filters did not work in other tabs
  • NoteTracker: Fixed error in "052 - Cold Called 2Bet Range in Position"