Not saving any changes i made

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Not saving any changes i made

Postby RayoMcQueen » Mon Apr 15, 2024 9:10 am

Hi! since a few months ago, i cant save any changes at hud profiles and also quick filters. And for example, if i put a new stat in result in "configure report", when i restart pockertracker the report has been dissapear.
To solve this problem, i read the issues with the antivirus, but i couldnt change anything.
Any idea?
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Re: Not saving any changes i made

Postby Flag_Hippo » Mon Apr 15, 2024 1:14 pm

So we can follow up with you on that please turn on 'Enable Logging' in PokerTracker 4 via 'Configure -> Options' and then restart PokerTracker 4. Next reproduce this issue by trying to save changs to a HUD Profile and then attach your support bundle to a Support Ticket. The support bundle is created via the 'File -> Create Support Bundle' menu option in PokerTracker 4.
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