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Trouble importing PT2 database

PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 7:45 pm
by Starman
Just got PT3 and got the out-of-date database error message.

Tried the fix in first post of this thread; didn't work.

Raised a support ticket here.

I have 600,000 hands.

a) how long is this going to take?

b) if PT3 is anything like PT2, it won't import more than 20 or so sessions at a time - I'll need to take a week off.

Any other suggestions, or should I just ask for a refund?

Re: Trouble importing PT2 database

PostPosted: Wed Nov 18, 2009 8:07 pm
by the other mike
Importing and housekeeping are in part dependent on one's setup but in all cases PokerTracker3 will be significantly faster than PokerTracker2. My machine's nothing special and 600k hands would be done in 3 - 4 hours (importing and full housekeeping).

Both PokerTracker2 and PokerTracker3 will import from a directory meaning the entire lot can be imported unattended (in PokerTracker3 click "Import -> Manual Import -> Import From Directory"; in PokerTracker2 use the generic auto-import).

From the screenshot in your ticket you're using an incredibly old PostgreSQL; I wouldn't hesitate to replace it with 8.3 but I'll reply to your ticket with options.