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Re: New Release: 3.13 BETA

Postby Josh » Tue Sep 18, 2012 2:07 pm

PokerTracker 3.13.10 BETA Release Notes: September 18, 2012


  • Import: Merge: Compensate for Merge hand history error with stacks that have incorrect blind counts listed, add support for pending hand history revision from Merge
  • Import: Merge: Port over many recent bug fixes previously addressed in PT4 releases
  • Import: Winning: Fix to allow "CAP" hands to import correctly (30bb cap)
  • Import: Winning Poker: Alter errors shown when play money is imported to a Warning
  • Import: Improved session detection to better support mixed cash games
  • Import: No longer clear rebuy/addons when "Overwrite summary data" checkbox is set
  • Hand History Viewer: Switch text clipboard copy to unicode for improved compatibility, hands can now be pasted into Skype
  • Tournaments: Preliminary support added for HYPER-Turbo tournaments in Filters, Tournament Editor, Purge, and Export*
  • Tournament Detection: Improve distinction between buyins & guarantees in Merge tournaments
  • Import: PokerStars: Fix problem that may occur with satellite prize calculation
  • Import: PokerStars: Allow a Player name to exist with "(" in name
  • Import: Stop “Madrid” tourneys from importing as US Dollar currency
  • Import: Everleaf: Compensate for issues that can occur in tournament hands without "chips" in the HH
  • Import: GTECH G2 (Boss): Fix AQTL (Adjust Qualifying Table Limits) functionality to match support that has been previously addressed in PT4 releases
  • Import: IGT: Fix bug to address hands with antes
  • Import: iPoker: Various Big Blud bug fixes
  • Import: Merge: Issues with unknown buyins as $0+$0
  • Import: Merge: Compensate for Merge zero posted blinds error
  • Import: MicroGaming: Hands from French Microgaming skins with hhversion='2' can be raked preflop
  • Import: MicroGaming: Fix incorrect blinds in tournament imports
  • Import: Ongame: Fix a bug that did not allow different versions of OnGame hands to be imported at the same time
  • Import: Revolution: Compensate for pot and stack sizes over 1,000 with spaces in the number
  • Import: Party: Address issues with player names that contain keywords like "wins”
  • Import: Party: Address issues with improper rake calculation in legacy 2008 hand histories
  • Import: Party: Improve rejection of "SevenStud" hands during import
  • Import: Party: Issues with names that contain spaces
  • Import: Address a general pot size bug that can occur when a player is all-in blind
  • Import: Address various issues that occur when the Big Blind receives a walk
  • HUD: Winamax: Fix to stop HUD placement from forcing to the top
  • Export: Adjust file save order to respect date
  • Graphs: Fix currency encoding in axis label to solve problems with displaying the euro “€“ symbol in the tournament overview
  • TourneyDetect: Fix error in ICM Adjusted Net Won calculation caused by currency error
  • TourneyDetect: Added TournamentDetectCustomized.xml file
  • TourneyDetect: Fix scenarios where players with currency symbols included in their names can cause improper tournament prize detection
  • TableTracker: Fixed Party table opening
  • TableTracker: Fixed PokerStars table opening
Special Notes
  • This release will allow you to manually edit tournaments to apply the Hyper-Turbo speed. The feature will be incrementally incorporated into the Tournament Detection engine as scenarios are detected once a critical mass of PokerTracker 3 & 4 users have upgraded to the current release versions.
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Re: New Release: 3.13 BETA

Postby Josh » Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:59 pm

PokerTracker 3.13.11 BETA Release Notes: September 21, 2012

  • Import: Added support for "AWT" Australia West time zone
  • Import: iPoker: Fix for importing of “locally updated” Omaha hands
  • Stats/Import: Fix error in ‘squeeze play opp flag’ which affected the stat "Preflop Action Facing Player" in hands where there was a raise and an all-in caller*
  • Tournament Detection: Multiple locale log messages have been prevented
  • Tournament Detection: Configuration file overrides added for detection of locale when the user has non-default country/language settings
  • Import: iPoker: Compensate for .es skins mislabeling of "NL" as "SL" in English language hand histories
  • Import: Winning: Compensate for BBJ hands with incorrect pot amounts
  • Import: Address bug that occurs on operating systems that use a comma as a decimal delimiter
Special Notes:
    * An optional purge and re-import will be necessary to correct hands that are affected by this issue in your database. All new imports will not be affected by this legacy issue.
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Re: New Release: 3.13 BETA

Postby Josh » Fri Nov 09, 2012 2:31 pm

PokerTracker 3.13.12 BETA Release Notes: November 9, 2012

Key Updates Summary:

  • NEW: Support for Full Tilt Poker 2012 hand histories
  • Import: 888: Fix to stop Freeroll Euro tournaments from importing as USD
  • Import: 888: Import rebuy + addon info from 888 summaries
  • Import: Full Tilt: Add tournament detection for tournaments that do not contain the words "Tournament" or "Sit & Go"
  • Import: Full Tilt: Alter hand history parsing to allow tournament summaries with ‘(Super Turbo)’
  • Import: Full Tilt: Move Full Tilt MTT Summaries when ‘move processed files’ is enabled
  • Import: iPoker: Fix to stop points tournaments from importing as cash buy-in
  • Import: iPoker: Fix manual imports to allow place & prize to be imported without the need for a second import
  • Import: Import: MicroGaming: Compensate for pot size errors when ante is incorrect, and the BB is all-in for just the ante, and stop logging "MoneyReturned" messages as an error when this occurs
  • Import: MicroGaming: Compensate for hand gaps from HM exports
  • Import: Ongame: Support file extension changes that can occur when playing two OnGame sites
  • mport: Party: Fix trigger for "2 Seat Guaranteed" tournament detection during Auto Import
  • Import: Party: Fix to compensate for incorrect hand number when there is an incomplete or disconnected hand history
  • Import: Party: Address error when there is a dead blind and BB all-in less than SB
  • Import: PokerStars: Full support of new audit file formatted hands including all relevant features, and add support to Tournament Detection
  • Import: PokerStars: Add ‘Ante' to PokerStars stake names where relevant
  • Import: Merge: Alter error message where ‘BIG_BLIND’ is defined in the incorrect round
  • Import: Merge: Alter the "no winner found" error message to say "Hero left table - cannot import hand" when applicable
  • Import: Revolution: Prevent "tournament summary imported" messages after in-hand tourney place data
  • Import: Winamax: Compensate for incorrect or '1970' date errors found in Winamax summaries
  • Import: Winamax: Fix to address syntax changes for summary import Rebuys/Addon including fees
  • Import/Stats: Winning: equity and all-in adjusted for Capped hands
  • Import: Address various All-in on blinds import errors
  • Import: Auto: Prevent redundant hand numbers in errors and warnings
  • Import: Stats: Fix to stop the Draw field from setting when the draw cannot be improved after making a better made hand
  • Hand History Viewer: Force the display of showdown cards to only occur at the end of hand
  • Stats: Alter ‘enum_face_allin’ to address scenarios where there was betting on a street prior to an allin occurring*
  • Stats: Live: Fixed calculation issues with Live Avg Pot and Live Players Per Flop
  • Replayer: OnGame: Fix pot size error that can occur with some older OnGame hand histories
  • Setup Wiz: Cosmetic: "site name" was unable to detect "site name" altered to say “PokerTracker 3 was unable to detect "site name"
  • TableTracker: PokerStars table opening
  • TourneyDetect: Hyper-Turbo default settings defined
  • Tournament Detect: "Hands request error" now "No hands found" when no hands are found.
Special Notes
  • Please be aware that PokerTracker 3 is currently maintained for bug fixes only, new additions and changes are no longer included in software updates. These changes and additions will only be available in PokerTracker 4.
  • We chose to ignore our no-additions or changes policy to include support for the new Full Tilt poker room, this is our small way of saying thank you the PokerTracker 3 users for your continued support while we prepare PokerTracker 4 for Mac OS X.
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Re: New Release: 3.13 BETA

Postby Josh » Fri Dec 14, 2012 10:11 pm

PokerTracker 3.13.13 BETA Release Notes: December 14, 2012

    • Import: PokerStars: Added support for "Run It Twice" tables
    • Import: iPoker: Added support for iPoker 4-Max Double Or Nothing SNGs
    • Import: Party: Import error with space at end of Party name
    • Import: Full Tilt: Compensate for tournament summaries that cannot be moved after processing is complete
    • Import: iPoker: Fix to address a scenario where summaries are imported before hand histories
    • Import: OnGame: Fix to allow hand history format changes to be recognized when hands are mixed together in an export from PT3 or PT4
    • Import: G2Gtech: Fix to allow the detection of settings for the "Opoker" skin
    • Hud: 888: fixed issues with HUD finding tables when using the latest 888poker software
    • Replayer: Fix an action order error that could only occur with Party "heads up" hands
    • Mac: Fix UTF-8 encoding support for the Euro symbol when exporting hands
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Re: New Release: 3.13 BETA

Postby Josh » Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:13 pm

PokerTracker 3.13.14 BETA Release Notes: January 15, 2012


  • Mac: Party: Added support for bwin client
  • Import: iPoker: Compensate for iPoker hand history errors where the stack is not provided rather than rejecting the hand
  • Import: iPoker Compensate for when the size of the bet made is less than the size of the stack recorded in the hand history
  • Import: GTECH G2 (Boss): Fix bug which omitted the first hand when importing previously exported hands
  • Import: Party: Improve tournament place detection in the new DON 6-max game format
  • Mac: Add approved developer signature to improve installation experience when GateKeeper is enabled in OS X Mountain Lion
  • Site Configuration: Party: Improve detection of Party & Bwin hand history directories
  • TableTracker: Fix PokerStars table opening
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