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Top 10 Alpha/Beta Testers: Free PokerTracker 3 License

PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2008 4:47 pm
by APerfect10
To encourage participation in our alpha/beta testing we are going to award 10 free PokerTracker 3 licenses to those alpha/beta testers who provide us the best feedback. Quantity does not necessarily mean quality. Licenses will be awarded immediately upon the final release of PokerTracker 3 and will be decided at the sole discretion of Josh and myself.

The success of PokerTracker 3 depends on feedback from you. The better feedback that you provide us the better PokerTracker 3 will be for everyone! :)

Best regards,


Re: Top 10 Alpha/Beta Testers: Free PokerTracker 3 License

PostPosted: Sat May 24, 2008 7:51 pm
by APerfect10
Congratulations to these 10 Beta testers who have received a FREE PokerTracker Holdem registration code

All of the following users were very active in the forums during PokerTracker 3 beta testing and also submitted messages and/or files via the PokerTracker support system:

  1. alonalbert
  2. dj11
  3. EB1983
  4. feint06
  5. LaidBackAl
  6. oracle3001
  7. pokerrow
  8. skoldpadda
  9. sookmctourie
  10. Uiko
PokerTracker 3 is a much better product thanks to each of these users and many, many others who have contributed and will continue to contribute as we continue to improve and make PT3 the best possible poker software.

Note: We originally were going to supply free PT3 licenses to the top 10 users overall, whether they were alpha or beta testers. We have decided to give every active Alpha tester free licenses in addition to the 10 free licenses that we provided to the above beta testers.

Best regards,

Josh & Derek